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Shipping and payment


The cost of shipping (ie transport and packing) is paid by the customer in the amount specified in the order (in the basket) for the entire order.

We use DPD transport services for transport.

Individual orders for custom manufacturing cannot be combined and are always sent individually to meet the production and delivery dates!


Shipping and packing for orders

Prepay to:

Zone A = (Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary)

Zone B = (Belgium, France, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Liechtenstein)

Zone C = (Croatia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)

Zone D = (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Corsica, Norway, Romania, Greece, Serbia)


Payment Terms


The usual payment terms for deliveries of the standard supplier range are:

Advance payment - bank transfer:

For payment in EUR: 2001249309/2010