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Complaints and withdrawall from the contract

Was there anything wrong with your order?

Although we try to do everything possible to make you fully satisfied with our services, sometimes we may not see flaws of the products, forget to pack something in the package, or confuse the appearance of the products.
If there was anything wrong with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you don't mind changing colors as a result, we need to know that we didn't fully succeed to know which mistakes to focus on more.

Complaints and problems will ALWAYS be solved by a person (Míša talks to our customers the most, in her absence Luci, or me, Verča, will take care of you :-)) with you, not a robot via automatic e-mails. So you don't have to worry that finding the solution will take a long time. In addition, we usually respond no later than the next working day after receiving your e-mail, so if you can be similarly active, we will have it resolved in the blink of an eye.


How can I proceed if there is something wrong with my order?
First of all, please write us an e-mail to Make sure you have included this form (filled, of course :-) ) and detailed photos of received products, so we can decide, whether the complaint is justified or not without the need of sending the package to us. Please, if possible, do not send the package to us without prior agreement.


Please do not write us your complaints via social networks. We always redirect you to the e-mail address anyway. 


What solutions can I expect?
This is very individual. But mostly, according to our feeling, we offer the following variants:


1. Additional discount on the product.
This solution is ideal, for example, when you can no longer or do not want to wait for the product to be repaired, because the birth of a baby is very close and you do not have any other treasury equipment.

2. Exchanging or resewing the product.
Probably the most frequently used method of solution intended for cases where, for example, we have exchanged fabrics on products, we have sent you a product of a defective fabric or we have not noticed torn threads ...

3. Shipping the missing product.
A solution for cases where something has escaped from the package. :-)

4. Unique discount code for your next purchase.
If you have discovered our mistake, but you are still satisfied with our services and would like to order from us again, we will be happy to create your unique discount code for the next order in a mutually reasonable amount.

If possible, we always try to meet your wishes and needs so that we can resolve the complaint to your satisfaction and reduce the complications to a minimum. Therefore, if you have another proposal, we will be happy to hear it. If we find it reasonable, we will adapt to your wishes.


In which cases do you reject a complaint?
There are not many of them.

For example, when you enter something wrong to the shopping cart (you click something wrong, you choose the wrong number of pieces...) and we deliver everything made exactly according to the order. At the moment, there is no mistake on our part, because we made the products according to the assignment (although unfortunately not according to your wishes). Since after creating the order you will always receive an order confirmation by e-mail with a detailed overview of the ordered products (incl. notes), where you can check the correctness of the order and contact us if necessary, we do not hear later complaints. 


How do you proceed with a complaint?
Above all, we try to find out detailed information about the problem from you. Once we have enough information, we will decide whether your complaint is justified or not, of which we will of course inform you.
If your complaint is justified, we will agree with you on a suitable solution and the delivery of the package to us, or a refund.
As soon as we receive the package, we will make the necessary repairs. We do not postpone repairs and sewing unnecessarily, we consider it our duty to solve problems as quickly as possible.
After we have adjusted everything according to your wishes, we will send the package back to you.


And what if I don't want to complain about anything, but only to return the goods?

You can withdraw from the contract within 14 days of delivery only if you have purchased products labeled as "In stock" that have not been used yet. If you meet these conditions, please notify us of your intention to withdraw from the contract by e-mail first, so that we know that we can expect a package from you. Be sure to include your order number. Please also write us the account number to which we can refund your payment.

If you have ordered custom-made products from us, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract, so we can only advise you to try to sell it to someone else.

When withdrawing from the contract, please send this form (completed :-)) to our e-mail


Where can I send the goods?

To the adress of personal collection:

MAVI s.r.o.

Nové Hrady 134

Nové Hrady 539 45

Czech Republic, Pardubický kraj