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About us

Friday 13th. For a lot of people it is a day when they do not even want to go to work. For me it is the day, when everything has started... Everything started with my pregnancy, when I had so much free time, that my boyfriend had to do something. And on that fatal Friday I found a sewing machine at home...

My first products were for my (at those times unborn) son Matouš. I sewed both possible and impossible, but the problem was I could not get enough. It kept me entertained, on the contrary.

I found target group of people, few words were enough and suddenly there was my new brand - By Luci. At those times I have already known I would start with sewing to the fullest and also that I could not stay at home and sew "on my knees" anymore. Even though the beginning was not always easy, we managed to get a place for our workshop for a few handy people, who help me to create all the beautiful things. It was a bit fight, because at the time when we started with the workshop, my daughter Victorka started visiting the first grade of elementary school. I have to admit, that there were moments when I wanted to give up on the whole project. Fortunately I did not, so if you read this text, it means that in addition we prepared absolutely unique e-shop, where you can watch our products and where you can also design your own product from A to Z. And the best things have not come yet! We try our hardest to move our production to better and better condition. We still think about how can we improve everything for you and your minikins. Thank you for all your reactions and support. We are here for you!